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   A Lonely Place for Dying Part 1 2011 720p x264-VODO



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[#164300] Written by: garethrees82 [31/07/11, 13:21]
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good stuff
[#164317] Written by: eg [31/07/11, 20:58]
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love the 1st part, when is the 2nd coming out?
[#164553] Written by: novamdm [06/08/11, 21:29]
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probably when they collect enough donations! i agree though, pretty good.
[#164650] Written by: Habibi99 [08/08/11, 21:43]
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interesting, thanks and yes i thought the betrayal and deceit were coming....
[#164767] Written by: k2again [11/08/11, 12:33]
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we thought it was a bomb...did not like - not worth watching etc....and for those of us on
restricted and pay per mb of download - certainly a non-reccy.
[#164943] Written by: russellwade [15/08/11, 11:38]
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does anyone know what is wrong with the rss feed?
[#165069] Written by: clownshoe [18/08/11, 16:18]
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hmm... pretty shitty... valiant effort though!!
[#165142] Written by: ess [20/08/11, 08:10]
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strong visuals, cleverly written, deliberate pacing, and the sound quality of the phone
dialogue is tasty. not a lot of character work, and the guy playing the american in mexico comes up
perhaps a bit short in his first scene. weak fx for the b-52s, but maybe that's artistic license.

worth a look if you can afford the gigabyte; if it stays smart it could develop into quite a nice piece.
[#166411] Written by: stevenknowsbest [09/09/11, 07:41]
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[#166602] Written by: ockraz [12/09/11, 17:25]
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wow- james cromwell, that is pretty impressive.
dialogue is smart, and the lead is charismatic.
the antagonist seems a bit too dimwitted for a cia agent.
really quite good overall.

if i were going to change one thing,
i'd definitely upgrade the b-52 shot.
there should at least be ack ack visible below them.
[#166926] Written by: prawn23 [16/09/11, 06:28]
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kept me interested till the end and wanting to know more, look forward to the second episode
[#166969] Written by: Angelus7256 [16/09/11, 22:11]
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here's a new one why is torchwood aired for ep 11 later when fox pulled the plug on episode 10
because john barroman refused to go straight
[#168466] Written by: AKAKJB [08/10/11, 15:57]
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i'm with ockraz - i saw cromwell in the credits and thought, "wow, really?!". but then i thought
about it and i've been in this industry most of my life and i've hired some people that just amazed
friends of mine but you have to remember that actors are in this business to act, it's how they make
their living. i think you'll start seeing more 'names' asked to appear in some of these where
they'll get better billing than they might otherwise. i think we'll see more 'names' starting to
make appearances in these webcast series.

i thought it was interesting enough to give it another try but i can see if you're someone who has
to pay per gb of data transfer that could make you think twice, waiting to see if it makes at least
another couple of episodes then see what people say & maybe download all of them at that point.

i'm not thrilled by the "give us money to make episode two" production / business plan. i'd like a
little better schedule. like solicit your financing for the first few episodes, that way people can
start kicking in after episode one and production can resume for episode four as episode two is
starting to distribute. it also makes more sense from a production standpoint because it's a lot
easier to set up a production schedule when you're working on the first few episodes - you save
money by being able to maximize studio time and making the most of your location time. it also
allows you to make the most of having an actor like cromwell at your disposal (although i'm sure
they probably made sure to shoot scenes they had with his character while he was available so they
had that footage 'in the bank' when they got the go ahead for more episodes). but this is a
learning process and we're all working at making something good with the hopes that the financial /
business end works itself out.

re: angelus7256 - what does torchwood have to do with lonely place for dying? and fox didn't "pull
the plug" on torchwood. fox had nothing to do with torchwood. it was a co-production of starz! in
the us and the bbc in the uk (there were others but none of them were fox). it was decided before
they shot frame one that it was going to be 10 episodes and it had nothing to do with john barrowman
being gay. if you actually watched the series you'll see that there's an obvious beginning, middle
and end. fyi - torchwood: miracle day did moderately well but not well enough for starz! to commit
to making it an annual event. bbc is interested in another series so expect a different us
production partner next time (if there's a us production partner at all next time).
[#169152] Written by: beautiful nightmare [18/10/11, 07:49]
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[#169706] Written by: plynn [27/10/11, 00:05]
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i just am so grateful for all the effort and work you and yours do to present this wonderful website
for all of us. thank you!!! since i use eztv and vuze i call myself and others ezvusies..good for a
laugh since my town of oakland is in an uproar.
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